The History of Jamii Moja

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Jane Tormey, founder of Jamii Moja, first visited Kenya in 2005 with her 5 children on a volunteer vacation. Working side by side with her children, she established a deep friendship with the Maasai.

In July 2006, Gail McCormick joined Jane Tormey and 12 youth as they lived and worked in Maji Moto.

Hellen Nkuraiya – Principal and Head Teacher of Enkiteng Lepa School in Maji Moto – asked Jane and Gail to join her in speaking with the elders about establishing an alternative rite of passage for the young women of the village. Their goal was to eliminate female circumcision and encourage the young women to continue their education.

The elders were responsive and today there is a ‘safe house’ for the girls to escape circumcision. After performing a ceremonial alternative rite of passage, the girls now have the opportunity to pursue their education rather than be wed and/or become pregnant at a dangerously young age.

Jamii Moja was founded in 2008 in the vision of Jane Tormey. After a yearlong battle with cancer Jane passed away on October 30, 2009. Jane  dedicated her life to her family and to the service of others. Her compassion, love and vision for her Kenyan ‘family’ are the very embodiment of Jamii Moja.